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Injection Moulding

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This process allows products to be mass produced and used straight away with no further finishing. The moulding material is injected into the tool. The hollow in the tool defines the shape of the finished product. It is possible to manufacture components from only a fraction of a gram up to several kilograms in weight. We have many years experience in this field. We have over 300 different tools available, allowing us to manufacture a range of products such as poster frames, leaflet dispensers and clips. In machinery with a locking pressure between 250 to 4200 kN we process thermoplastics using single or multi component moulding to create parts of up to 1936 g.


Tool Production

An injection moulding tool is created from several individual parts, mainly in steel, which allow large numbers of plastic parts to be manufactured. A single tool allows several parts to be made simultaneously. The ability to build tools in our own workshop means shorter delivery times with no loss in quality. To further reduce delivery time for prototypes and pre-production samples it is also possible to make a temporary tool from aluminium.

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